House Rules

For the enjoyment of all our guests, we request your discretion regarding photography and use of mobile devices.

  • Limit photography to personal space and respect privacy of other guests.

  • Use mobile device at low volume, or use a headphone.

  • No children under 7 years old except for private room bookings.

  • No spies, bodyguards, or pets and emotional support animals.

Dress Code

We politely request guests to dress for the occasion. We encourage individual fabulousness and smart business attire equally. 

  • No overly torn or ripped jeans and tops.

  • No gym or yoga gear; fashion sweats are permissible.

  • Singlets, tank tops or sport shorts are not permitted for men. Bermudas and smart shorts are permissible.

  • Sandals, flip-flops, crocs are also not permitted for men; except when wearing with national / traditional clothes for both men and women.

  • National / traditional clothes are encouraged.

  • Fashion slippers and sneakers are permitted. Gym shoes are not.


We have a fair “buy one-free one” policy. If you buy a bottle from us, we will waive corkage for one bottle.
- Wine Corkage : RM100/++ per bottle
- Champagne/Prosecco/Sparkling Corkage: RM150/++ per bottle
- Spirits : RM250/++ per bottle

We will waive cakage for BYO cakes if you and your guests dine in with us.

- We do not allow these to be used in the dining rooms, except for private dining room reservations with limits.