Toss it up for prosperity and happiness for 2019 with family, friends, colleagues and business partners! Our Yee Sang special is unique to OpenHouse - a blend of flavors and cultures to create a colorful and tasty dish. Eat it with chopsticks or scoop them into pai-tee cups for tasty mouthful morsels. For sharing 5 - 9 pax per dish.

Prosperity Yee Sang

fresh norwegian salmon, jelly fish, aromatic quinine, pomelo, pomegranate, ginger candy, crispy glass noodle, ginger flower, cekur, daun kaduk, lime leaf, daun sirih, shaved radish, carrot, cucumber, chinese pickle, fresh chili, peanut, sesame seed, fish skin crackers, pickled grape, keropok inang, lime, mandarin orange, plum sauce and temu pauh vinaigrette, top hat.


Alternative /Add-On (Market Price + Availability)
Kampachi / Maguro Akami / Spanish Octopus