From May 9 to June 30, feast on our special prix fixe Hidangan Muhibbah Set, specially created for the Ramadan and Raya season. A sumptuous feast for iftar with family, friends and colleagues. Also available for lunch. Kindly note to feast on the Hidangan Muhibbah Set, we request all guests at the table to order the same.


Otak-Otak + Satar
spanish mackerel mousse duo wrapped in coconut leaf and banana leaf, thai basil lime leaf, coconut milk, shredded coconut grilled on flame

Kerabu Urap Belimbing
mixed belimbing, shredded mackerel, shredded toasted coconut, calamansi juice, chili, coriander

Acar Buah-Buahan
mixed fruits pickled in sweet + spicy sauce

Masala Papadam + Belinjau Crackers
sambal belacan, sambal tumis tempoyak, kampong ulam

Charcoal Grilled Yellowtail Air Asam Kerisik
australian yellowtail, fried coconut paste, tamarind, citrus, lemongrass, chili, ginger flower

Smoked Chicken Rendang
smoked chicken slow-cooked in rendang chili api, nogori style of mixed local herbs and spices

Red Curry Lamb Rack
australian lamb simmered in red curry, stuffed kepayang (jungle black nut), eggplant

Spiced Wagyu Cheek
slow-cooked australian wagyu cheek in mixed local spices, herbs, sweet black soy gravy

Nasi Bakar Kulim + Ketupat Palas
fragrant rice with kulim oil, glutinous coconut rice

Bubur Gandum Ubi Getuk
sweet wheat berries, coconut milk, fried ubi getuk, baked shredded coconut


HIDANGAN Platter For 2 Persons
Each Additional Person RM199/++